Monday, 24 October 2011

Learning from sickness

Looking back into 2011 year...
This year has brought lot of new things into me..

I started in january with new life and new place,
never thought how tough will be this phase,
felt lonelyness in home and could'nt keep up the pace,
ppl were different , place was different, and my work was just to chase,
i got some criticism managed some appreciation but lyf didnt stop for any of these
after few months i wanted to go home for vacation, my manager told me this should not be the case,
somehow after few arguments i went home for 3 weeks and thought lyf would be great after this phase,
but as always lyf has some different plans for you it has other surprises which u can not supress
so lyf gave me few shocks and i learnt how to deal with the unexpected knocks,
i extended my leave and rested in peace
when i came back i assumed everything's gonna be alright
but as you know lyf has some different plans
Last eight years watever i planned and lyf planned most of them were same
2011 was not the same
i came back, after few days i fell sick,
i thought here comes the lyf's another stick
again tried to learn how ppl will be feeling when they are ill,
in the end i realized all i am learning is how ppl feel about there pain,
but what i want i didnt gain.
hope lyf will gimme some gud surprises and i will back on track as ever
because lyf can not play and win with me always, as i m also very CLever