Thursday, 22 April 2010

Nice Quotes by great Sunny Rijhwani

I have written these quotes .. when I was not in good mood(very upset) here it goes
koi agar has raha hai isse pad ke to has lo.... mai bhi abhi has hi raha hu.....  ;)

"Somethings in lyf can be best rememberd as forgotten !!!!!"
"Behind every sweet memory ther is a pain !!!!!"
"Some win some loose {loser gains more I have heard that Its time for practical....}"

Try to understand this one  .. It has real deep meaning :)

"From ok to one line from one line to paragragh life goes on :) "

I have one more paragraph  which I wrote some days back:
The only difference between ---- and  ---- (code words) is the --- gives something without telling anything and expecting anything  and later one gives something and expect more than something. Although I never wanted to come in this hoshposh I just came in, It was really good in the starting, In fact it is really good now also But (see but has come) now things dont look  as sweet as it was earlier.Might be because there is no future of mine myt be attitud is not caring at all . I always believed that you be what you are.Say what u want to say and all ..Seems like its not anymore. Lyf has changed a lot . And I thnk the big change is about to come ..

-- Well it seems to u tht  i have wrtn bakwaas bt... ther was a tym infact is a tym when these thngs really matters..Although tht thing is no more with me..
Ek mast quote yaad aaraha hai. which is not mine but really gud..

The funny thing about life is that you realize the value of something ONLY when it begins to leave you."
But we usually (or always??) realize too late---AFTER it has LEFT!

Beautiful days

Well this poem is written by my very close frnd Uday shankar..
I liked this poem so publishing it here..
very nice poem (close to my heart)
uday named it as beautiful day  but I call it as Beautiful memories !
We had our first glance,
that was the start of our romance.
Then we had a small talk
while we had a pleasant walk.

We had some fortunate encounters
and we became regular chatters.
We always enjoyed each others company
so we started meeting few times ... then many.

Love was in the air,
each other was all, we care.
One day those feelings were expressed.
From that moment life get blessed.

We had our first fight,
but we can't live without others sight.
so we make up our mind,
to never leave each other behind.

Don't know what had gone wrong
I'm feeling dreadful for so long
The life has parted our ways
But those were my most beautiful days.


Thursday, 1 April 2010

Poem which is not unique :)

Pen stops Writing, Rain Stops falling,
Teacher stops scolding ,
Why not lovers stop chatting ?

Baby starts walking,
Dog starts barking,
Company starts firing,
Why not looser starts wining ?