Thursday, 17 December 2009

What matters in life ???

Hi ,
I am back again to discuss on most of the scary things in life .Well my confusion is that what we should focus on  in our life we have so many things like money,love,career,friendship and so on .
For some people it is the money thats make them happy , for few its the love that makes their life , for some its the friendship that matters and others are too busy for their career growth and all that.
what is life ? why we are here for ? what we need ? why we need ? What to do for the future ?(well its my blog name).  I have written uncomplete poem for this confusion jhelo ;)

What is the purpose of life ?
is it to get married and to have a wife ?
or to be a ambitious and allow your manager to cut you by his knife
What is the purpose of life ?
is it the freindship that helps us to live life like king size
or it is to fall in love with some one you like
but if you ask me I would say set your soul free and do what you like
and I think thats the only purpose of our life.

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